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    Solicitors Negligence in Divorce


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    Mulderrigs are experts  in “divorce negligence” cases. Paul Mulderrig has been handling divorce negligence claims for over twenty years and unfortunately, claims arising from mishandled divorce cases are quite common.

    Compensation For Legal Negligence

    People involved in matrimonial proceedings are often very vulnerable, they are often distressed and feeling like their lives have gone out of control, their financial circumstances are often very strained and they find it difficult to think straight.

    Solicitors acting in matrimonial cases need to realise this and give their advice very carefully, divorce negligence cases often arise because the solicitor’s fails to investigate the finances properly, as a result of the solicitor’s negligence one party then ends up badly off in the final settlement.

    Why Choose Mulderrigs For Your Legal Negligence Claim?

    A very common cause of solicitors’ negligence in divorce proceedings is failure to investigate the value of pension funds, this is especially important in divorce cases involving well paid public servants.

    In  at least two of our cases the solicitors were negligent when drafting the final order in the divorce case, as a result of these straightforward drafting errors our clients missed out on thousands of pound in their settlements.

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