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    If you’ve been injured and you believe that someone else is fully or partly to blame, contact us for a free consultation and we’ll advise you if you have a case or not.

    Within minutes of calling us we’ll be able to assess if there is a potential case to answer. This means no upfront cost for you. If you go ahead we will work on no win no fee terms, and we only get paid when we win.

    Over the past 30 years our team has successfully completed thousands of claims ranging from a few thousand to several million pounds.

    A payment of compensation can help you recoup financial losses caused as a result of the injury, and Mulderrigs is happy to help you throughout the entire claims process, as personal injury specialists, we can help you get the fairest outcome possible.

    Call us on 0808 304 6807 to discuss how we can help.

    What is personal injury?

    These cases cover accidents and injuries that cause you physical or emotional harm. For example, if you trip on an uneven floor and break a leg, a claim can be investigated against the person responsible for the floor. Accidents at work, falls, cycling and motorbike accidents, medical negligence and many other types of injury are included.

    Normally, in successful compensation cases, injuries occur when another party has acted negligently or recklessly. However, even in cases where you might feel you were partly to blame for the accident you may still have grounds for a claim.

    Claims can be brought where someone’s negligence has caused you;


    • Physical injury – fractures, dislocations, concussion, lacerations, burns or other severe injuries.

    • Pain and suffering that interferes with your daily life
    • Emotional distress. This can range from flashbacks, loss of sleep, low mood and anxiety. In some serious cases people can develop PTSD, which can be debilitating.

    It’s essential to note that personal injury cases aren’t limited to the examples we’ve listed above. Pain, suffering and emotional distress can differ from person to person. So, speak with a professional like us first if you think you may have grounds for a compensation claim. We'll talk to you in plain English, providing you with clear advice on the strength of your case.

    Types of personal injuries

    There are a wide variety of situations where personal injury rules apply. These include:

    Work-related accidents

    According to the Labour Force Survey, in 2020/21, 441000 injuries occurred at work, and 142 workers were killed at work due to work-related accidents. These accidents can be anything from tripping and falling, to accidents that occur when using dangerous machinery. The results can range between relatively minor injuries all the way to catastrophic or even fatal injuries.

    Employers are legally required to ensure the health and safety of their staff, and provide a safe and secure working environment. Your employer is also responsible for accidents caused by the negligence of your colleagues.

    So, whether you’re a part-time or full-time employee or employed via an agency, it’s your right to recoup the financial losses and compensation if your workplace injury is caused by negligence.

    pedestrian accident

    Statistics show that five people die every day on the road in the UK and countless more sustain severe injuries. In 2020 alone, 1516 people were killed on UK roads, showing how fatal road accidents can be.

    If you’ve been injured in a road accident and the fault wasn’t yours, our personal injury specialists can help you get the compensation you deserve.

    Whether you were a driver, passenger, cyclist, motorcyclist, a pedestrian or even an e-scooter rider you may be entitled to claim compensation.

    dental negligence

    The negligence of medical and dental professionals, including nurses and doctors, can cause serious and sometimes fatal injuries.
    Common medical negligence cases include surgical errors, improper treatment, misdiagnosis, pharmacy errors, and birth injuries.

    Dental negligence claims can involve negligent root canal treatment, negligence during implant treatment or negligent failure to spot the development of tooth decay and gum disease.

    Medical and dental claims are complex and challenging to prove, but with the help of experienced personal injury specialists like us, you may be able get compensation for your injuries and losses.

    Slips, trips and falls arise in a variety of situations where you may be able to claim compensation:-
    * Supermarkets, shops and offices can be held responsible for their occupiers liability where trips, slips or falls occur on their premises.

    These cases can involve spillages that haven’t been cleared up, obstacles on the floor, missing hand rails and/or poor lighting.

    * Local authorities have a legal duty under the Highways Act to keep the pavements and highways in a safe condition.

    These accidents often involve damaged pavements, raised flagstones or potholes that have been left unrepaired. Our legal team are experts in these difficult cases and will be able to help you investigate and pursue the claim.

    Hair Damage

    Other Claims

    Our legal team also have experience with other types of compensation claims including: nursing home accidents, claims for hair damage caused by negligent hairdressers and accidents on holiday.

    Why choose Mulderrigs?

    We have over thirty years of experience and have the expertise to deal with all types of injury compensation claims ensuring our clients receive the result they deserve. No claim is too complex or hard for our team of personal injury specialists to handle. We’re qualified and skilled to represent you.

    We have successfully settled thousands of personal injury cases, and 99% of our clients describe our service as excellent or good. We have held the Law Society’s LEXCEL quality mark for twenty years, which shows our expertise when it comes to handling personal injury claims, so you can rest assured that we will handle your case with utmost professionalism.

    We also offer free initial advice to all our clients and are happy to work on no win no fee terms. Therefore, if you have any questions regarding your compensation claim, feel free to get in touch with our team today.

    Contact us today for help with your personal injury claim.

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