Jonathan Djanogly is the Justice Minister in charge of a major overhaul of the so-called “compensation culture”.

So it may or may not surprise you to hear that the Guardian is now reporting that Mr Djanogly has failed  to declare his connection to Claims Management Companies.

Would you believe that Mr Djanogly’s children are shareholders in two “Claims Management Companies” owned by his brother-in-law. Amazin’ innit!

Now I know what Mulderrigs bring to the table when dealing with accident victims. The lawyers in my company are experts in Personal Injury law and over the years we have used our expertise to help thousands of accident victims recover compensation.

We have often stepped in and won major settlements for badly injured clients after other lawyers told them they had no case.

Sure, we advertise in the press and on the web, but despite all our advertising most clients come to us because they have been recommended by someone who used us in the past.

Everyone of our cases has to be proved to an exacting standards and we are up against top notch lawyers who are appointed by the insurance industry, and we are very proud of what we have achieved for many of our clients.

So we’ve got no truck with ill-informed  journalists and politicians who talk about “ambulance chasers” and “the compensation culture. What they should be doing is firing missiles at the“Claims Management” industry.

Lawyers are very closely regulated by the Solcititors Regulation – If we step out of line we would expect to get in trouble.

But  so-called “Claims Management Companies”….honestly, what do they add….what service do they offer. And why would any solicitor with an ounce of professional self-respect be buying cases from them?

The right thing for the Justice Secretary to do is regulate these people out of existence – Ban them advertising for claims and they”ll be left with nothing to sell to solicitors…’s not rocket science!

I wrote to  Lord Young last year telling him this shortly before he had to fall on his sword for his rather unfortunate  “never had it so good” views on the recession.

I suggested to Lord Young that the way to regulate the Personal Injury “market” is to ban claims management firms from advertising, and ban them from selling claims to solicitors. Would you believe I’m still waiting for a reply.

The solution is to restrict advertising to expert solicitors – those solicitors who have demonstrated a level of expertise…It would do away with “referral fees” at a stroke, and it would ensure that the public end up in the care of a genuine expert.

But now we discover that the Justice Minister, the man charged with making the decision has his fingers in a “Claims Management” pie.

Honestly, if you submitted it as fiction a publisher would laugh at you!