Our head of hair damage claims, Joanne Smith, recently attended the annual lunch and presentation of the Trichological Society in Hertfordshire.

The Trichological Society is an independent professional and educational body which boasts members from every aspect of the hair profession. The society’s constitution promotes research, education and the free exchange of information between its members.

If you would like to learn more, please visit their website here.

Tricological Society Manager

 Trichological Society president Barry Stevens meets with Joanne Smith

In recent months Mulderrigs, and Joanne in particular, have been working closely with the Hair Council to support their national campaign for compulsory regulation of hairdressers.

Our mutual aim is to reduce the risk of hair disasters occurring across the country and ensure that both hairdressers and their customers are properly insured should the worst happen.

Mulderrigs are one of the leading firms nationally when it comes to representing people who suffer serious hair damage and other injuries caused by negligent or incompetent hairdressers.

We have successfully completed over one hundred hair damage claims which often result in large settlements for our clients.

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