Reports Show that First Monday in September is the New ‘D’ Day


Studies have shown that the first Monday in September is one of the busiest days for couples to seek either help with their relationship, or outright divorce.

The start of September usually marks a fresh start for many. We begin to ease ourselves back into normality after our respective summer holidays, as we cling onto that last glimmer of summer that September brings.

Many people look forward to the summer months when they’re able to get away from work for a little while, go on holiday, and spend quality time with their families. Despite this, quality time may not always be the case and this time of year can be the final straw in the breakdown of a relationship.

There are many different factors, unique to each relationship, which can lead to a couple seeking a divorce, but one thing we notice a lot is that when couples are forced to spend more time together, such as during holidays or the COVID lockdown, and where there are additional stresses, such as juggling childcare and work or organising holidays, there is a spike in divorce enquiries.

In addition to the commonly referred to ‘Divorce Day’ in the first week of January, there are a few reasons as to why specifically the first Monday in September is now viewed as another ‘D’ day for divorce:

  • You may have gone into the summer already doubting your marriage, but believed the holidays might be a make-or-break situation;

  • If you have children, you may decide it’s more convenient to stay together over the holidays, so you can share out childcare;

  • You may already have had your holidays booked and risk losing your money if you don’t go;

  • It’s natural for people to put off making life-changing decisions before a significant family event, such as the summer holidays.

Divorce rates show a pattern of peaking in the new year, then dipping until September, where they rise again, then mellowing out over the Christmas period.

No matter the reason for divorce, September is the time we begin to get our heads down again and that often means sorting our lives out, post holidays. For a lot of people, it just feels right to seek a divorce during this period of organisation.

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