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Jo Smith

Product Liability Claim – Freezer Causes House Fire

Mr and Mrs Rawstron instructed Mulderrigs in their product liability claim.

They bought a new fridge-freezer for their home.

But the freezer turned out to have a known fault.

The freezer set alight one day and the house caught fire causing extensive damage.

To make matters worse, Mr and Mrs Rawstron weren’t covered by any insurance.

The Rawstrons’ son was briefly trapped on an upper floor during the fire and had to escape through a window.

As a result he was very badly traumatised.

Jo Smith took on the claim against the manufacturers and agreed to act on “no win no fee” terms.

Jo gathered expert evidence about the freezer which persuaded the company to accept responsibility for the faulty freezer.

The Rawstrons then settled their claim.

They received over £65,000 in compensation for their damaged possessions.

In addition to that their son received over £7,000 for the psychological injury caused by the fire.