Solicitors Negligence – Probate – £10000 Settlement

Mulderrigs recently recovered £10,000 in compensation for our client Mr Swearinger, who lost out on a significant financial payment due to the negligence of his probate solicitors.

When Mr Swearinger’s parents died within a short space of time in 2010 he was a joint beneficiary of their substantial estate along with his estranged brother.

As Mr Swearinger’s brother lived closer to their parents he arranged for a local solicitor to deal with the probate. Most of the issues involved in dividing up the estate were resolved quickly and without any difficulty. By late 2012 the matter appeared to be drawing to a close.

Solicitors Negligence - Lady Justice - MulderrigsUnfortunately, as the matter was concluding the probate solicitor made an error in calculations and over-payed Mr Swearinger’s brother by almost £7,000, all of which should have rightfully gone to Mr Swearinger.

Although the probate solicitors admitted their error they refused to pay Mr Swearinger any compensation. This despite the fact that the solicitors accounts rules are very clear about what should happen in these circumstances; they should have made up the shortfall from their own funds.

Mr Swearinger was referred to Mulderrigs in 2015 and our expert professional negligence solicitor, Paul Mulderrig, took on his claim against the probate solicitors.

Within six months Mulderrigs helped Mr Swearinger recover all missing funds plus interest and legal fees, a settlement of just over £10,000.