never event

Patient Receives Two Injections Into The Wrong Eye In “Never Event”

A patient at Blackpool Teaching Hospitals NHS Trust received two injections into the wrong eye after a busy surgeon referred to a scan report relating to a different patient.

The reports suggest that the Trust has had to report a number of similar incidents in its ophthalmology department in recent years.

Never events are defined by the NHS as wholly preventable serious incidents.  The clue is in the title…. these are things that should just never happen.

In fairness to the NHS, the national reporting of these incidents has got better and better in recent years, with the aim of reducing the risk of preventable mistakes being repeated in the future.

But none of this reduces the pain and distress suffered by patients who are victims of never events.

It is difficult to imagine how unpleasant it must be to undergo eye injections. So it must be an enormous blow for a patient to discover they have undergone multiple unnecessary procedures.

In legal terms, any patient who is injured as a result of a never event committed by a medical professional is almost certain to have strong grounds for pursuing a claim for damages.