Negligent Conveyancing Claim £70000 Settlement Mulderrigs Solicitors

Negligent Conveyancing Claim – £70000 Settlement

Mrs Blayden owned her house in Greater Manchester without any mortgage. When her boyfriend moved in she agreed to sell him a half share in the property for a payment equal to half the value of the house.

The boyfriend instructed a local solicitor who agreed to represent both of them – a clear breach of solicitors’ conduct regulations.

Instead of transferring half the property to the boyfriend, the solicitor transferred all of it, to him.

By this point the relationship had ended,  the ex-boyfriend wasn’t prepared to cooperate in putting matters right and our client was left homeless.

We brought a professional negligence claim against the bungling solicitor and recently helped our client recover £70,000.00 in compensation.

(The name of our client has been changed).