Mulderrigs Client Secures £160,000 in Medical Negligence Case


Miss J approached Jo Smith of Mulderrigs to take over conduct of this clinical negligence claim.


Miss J had a long history of heavy menstrual bleeding which caused her discomfort for many years. She attended various appointments and investigations throughout these years to get to the bottom of her issues.

Eventually she was advised to have a hysterectomy; this is a very serious surgical procedure, which would leave a woman unable to have children. Therefore, it should only be offered as a last resort and when completely necessary.

Miss J underwent her hysterectomy and soon after developed significant problems, including damage to her bladder, chronic pain and depression.

It was alleged that her local hospital had been negligent in failing to offer her an alternative to a hysterectomy, such as a non-surgical treatment, which would have avoided the distressing symptoms she was left with.

The hospital denied breach of duty on the basis that Miss J would have needed a hysterectomy in the future anyway.

How Mulderrigs were able to help

Our client’s claim was complex and so it was important to get together a barrister and a specialist team of medical experts early on.

Reports were required from six different types of experts in order to prove the claim. The barrister was closely involved helping to draft the court documents and discuss the claim at length with the experts.

It is always important for our clients to understand what is going on in their case, but more so in complex negligence claims such as this. Medical terms can be very confusing, so it was important for our client to be spoken to in plain English.

Court proceedings were issued and whilst Jo was gathering evidence to prepare for the trial the hospital’s solicitors made a significant offer of £160,000.

Our client was very happy to accept the offer of £160,000 and planned to use the money to set up her own business and restart her life.

As Miss J was in receipt of Government benefits a colleague was able to help her set up a Personal Injury Trust to protect her entitlement to those benefits in the future.

Jo Smith, solicitor, says –

“This was a very complex case involving a lot of medical evidence. We were very much prepared for a five-day trial and so were delighted when the Trust made a sensible offer”.

All clinical negligence claims are difficult and very much dependent on supportive expert evidence. We are always happy to have a chat with clients and investigate whether there is a claim by reviewing the medical records.

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