“Mind the Gap!” Client Successfully Secures Damages Following Canal Barge Accident


Mrs C instructed personal injury solicitor Holly Barnes to assist her in pursuing a claim for a personal injury following an accident next to a canal barge.

She had previously instructed a firm of solicitors to deal with her case. However, as the deadline to issue court proceedings was drawing closer, she instructed us to take over her claim. We agreed to take on the matter on a no-win no-fee basis.


Mrs C was visiting a book signing event, on board a canal barge at the time of the accident.

The event was very busy and she recalls having to walk through big crowds of people, some of whom were crowding around a book shelf.

This bookshelf was at the side of the barge and ended just next to the gap between the towpath edge and the side of the barge.

Mrs C reached for a book on the end of the bookshelf, unaware of this gap as there had been no ‘mind the gap’ style warnings.

Whilst reaching for the book Mrs C fell into the gap between the canal and barge, hitting her head and falling into the canal.

Mrs C’s clothes were wet and bloody. She also sustained a laceration to her head, which subsequently left a scar.

How We Were Able to Help

Following the incident, Mrs C suffered neck pain as well as prolonged scalp pain.

We took into consideration the scar left on Mrs C’s head and whether it would lead to self confidence issues. Thankfully there would be no lasting effects.

There was a long-standing denial of liability from the defendants, which were the organisers of the barge event.

We quickly issued court proceedings in order to put pressure on the defendant.

Following negotiations, we were able to secure a settlement of £2,000.

If you have been involved in an accident at an event as a result of negligence from the organisers, you may be entitled to compensation. Mulderrigs is now a part of the Farleys Solicitors family and we have decades of experience in successfully helping people gain compensation following a personal injury. To speak to one of our specialist solicitors today, for a no obligation assessment of your injury, either call 0800 0523 693, or contact us by email.