Medical Negligence ‘Never Events’

Mulderrigs have successfully handled many medical negligence claims for our clients over the years and today it was revealed just how many people have suffered catastrophic injuries due to medical error.

The BBC website reported that over 1000 patients in England over the past four years have been subjected to what the NHS themselves call ‘never events’. These are medical errors that are so serious that they quite simply should never happen.

NHS ‘never-events’ a disgrace, says Patients Association

At Mulderrigs we have recovered compensation for several clients who have experienced such dreadful mistakes; the most recent involving a foreign object being left inside a client after childbirth.

In the case of a ‘never-event’ making a claim for medical negligence can be relatively straightforward to deal with. The NHS usually agree quite quickly to pay compensation once they have concluded their investigation into the error.