For many years it has been a central principle that the parties to a claim should adopt a “cards on the table” approach.

But we have just concluded a claim which involved an outrageous breach of that principle by a Defendant, and earned them a stern rebuke from the trial judge.

Mr Porter was a visitor to a well known Manchester hotel as the guest of a friend who was staying there. He stepped outside for a cigarette, but when he tried to get back in he found the revolving door was stuck – It turned out that the door had been locked behind him.

Our client pushed against the door but, for some reason it shattered leaving him with serious cuts to his hand.

The hotel denied responsibility for the accident and made all allegations about our client being drunk and “punching” the door.

They claimed to have CCTV film of the incident but, despite repeated requests from us they didn’t disclose it and then went on to destroy the film, saying that it was “company policy”.

The case came on for trial in Preston in November and the judge found in favour of our client.

When giving his judgment the Judge slammed the hotel’s destruction of the critical CCTV film as “disgraceful”.

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