Injured Footballer Claim – £16000 Settlement

Mr Smolden is a big lad, over 6ft 4 tall and, over the years he has played football at a pretty high level.

A couple of years ago he was helping out a local amateur club on the south coast.

During one particular game he suffered a very serious eye injury when an opposing player attempted a reckless overheadkick at a set piece and kicked him in the face.

Now an overhead kick ia a perfectly legitimate manouvre, but the opposing player knew that Mr Smoldon was right beside him and should have realised that to kick out aggressively at that height involved a clear risk of causing a serious injury, so we agreed to take on the case on “no win no fee” terms.

The insurers for the offending player contested the case all the way through the courts, but at a trial in Brighton in December the Judge agreed that it was dangerous and negligent to attempt the overhead kick the way and our client was awarded over £16,000.00 for his injuries.