Girl sad because of hairfall problem. She is holding hair strands in her hand.

Compensation For Hair Damage

From our hairdressing claims team.

Yvonne Taylor is a successful bodybuilder and did various modelling jobs in sport and fitness magazines.

So her appearance was very important to her!

She visited a hair salon to have a specialist highlighting treatment.

But the stylist negligently over-lapped the chemicals and left them on too long.

Yvonne’s hair became matted and started to snap off.

She had to spend a small fortune on  hair extensions in an effort to cover up the damage.

Mulderrigs took on her case and agreed to act on “no win no fee” terms.

We obtained expert evidence from a trichologist (a hair specialist) and then brought a case against the negligent stylist.

Yvonne recently accepted a settlement offer of £20,000.