£40,000 Football Injury Settlement

Mulderrigs solicitors helped a client recover over £40,000 for a serious football injury.

Mr Manford was playing in a semi-professional game in Berkshire when he was subjected to a reckless challenge.

As a result of the challenge he suffered a badly broken leg.

The offending player received a straight red card and was sent off the field.

The referee’s report said the opposition player was “…guilty of jumping into a two footed foul tackle, endangering his opponent’s safety.”

Our client was away from his work in the building trade for almost a year.

In addition to that he had to retire from football altogether.

We dealt with the claim against the insurers for the offending player on “no win no fee” terms.

The insurers refused to admit liability for the injury even though the evidence was very clear.

So we started county court proceedings for our client.

The insurers finally caved in and agreed to negotiate as the case was approaching trial.

Our client  received £40,000.00 in compensation for his injuries and loss of earnings.

Our client sent us one of the nicest thank you letters we’ve ever received, and a copy is attached to this newsletter.

(The name of the client has been changed).