Football Injury Claim – Insurers Admit Liability

Mr Gilliam suffered a serious injury as a result of a bad foul during an amateur game in Hampshire in September 2010.

He had cleared the ball and the ball had been gone a long time when he was “wiped out” by a dangerous challenge from an opposing player.

The incident left our client with a badly broken leg and he had to have surgery to insert metalwork to correct the fractures. He was away from work for months and had major financial problems as a result.

In his report to the league the referee described the incident as  “…a late, dangerous lunge.”

We took on Mr Gilliam’s claim against the insurers for the opposing player on “no win no fee” terms, and we are delighted that the insurers recently admitted liability for the incident.

We will now gather all the necessary expert evidence, and we will be able to help our client get the compensation he deserves for his injury and his loss of earnings.

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(The names of the clients in this newsletter have been changed).