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Mulderrigs in London

Our selfie-obsessed gaffer Mr M grabbed this pic on a trip to our London office last week… looks like it must have been dress-down Friday!

We have been representing clients in London and the South East for over twenty years and we are always happy to host meetings at the Long Acre office, which is only a few yards from Covent Garden tube station.

If it suits you to meet us there please just let us know.










The Famous Mulderrigs Champagne Draw

You won’t believe it but…. we’re giving away another bottle of bubbly this month.

As Burnley’s adventure in European football teeters on the brink (they might have been knocked out by the time you read this!) you’ll need to email the code words:-

 “Burnley’s Brexit”

to and we’ll stick you in our draw.

Good Luck!

PS – It’s a big congrats to Linda Grime from Greater Manchester who scooped the Kremlin Vodka prize in our World Cup draw in June, and also to Janet Penny who won last month’s champagne draw.








£10000 Settlement In Dental Negligence Claim

We recently helped Mrs Walsh with her dental negligence claim.

Mrs Walsh had decided to have her teeth straightened at a private clinic.

The treatment involved her having to wear a brace which required regular adjustments to gradually move the teeth.

But unfortunately she was the victim of some very shoddy treatment.

The initial consultation was very brief,  no detailed treatment plan was prepared, nothing was put in writing to Mrs Walsh and the risks were not properly explained to her.

At the end of the treatment she was left with gaps between her upper front teeth which had to be filled and a small overjet  which meant that her upper teeth protruded. It was very noticeable, and Mrs Walsh was very conscious of it.

We agreed to take on the case and we agreed to act on “no win no fee” terms.

The insurers for the dentist denied liability and we threatened to commence court proceedings.

But at the same time we arranged a conference with a specialist dental negligence barrister, and after that meeting we made a settlement offer of £10000 to the dentist’s insurers, which they accepted.

Mrs Walsh was delighted with the outcome.

If we can help you or a friend with an enquiry about dental negligence please just get in touch.

(The name of our client has been changed)