Cyclist Wins £40,000 Following a Collision with a Careless Driver


Mr O approached Mulderrigs’ specialist team of personal injury solicitors to assist him in gaining compensation following an accident on his bike.

Mr O was an old school friend of Paul Mulderrigs’ so he felt very strongly in seeking justice when he heard of his accident.


Mr O was a keen cyclist and triathlete. This led him to often take the same routes around his local area, when training or just cycling for leisure.

One evening Mr O went out cycling and set off on his usual local route.

Suddenly a careless driver drove into the back of Mr O, knocking him off his bike and down to the floor.

Mr O was badly concussed and suffered wrenching injuries to his back.

In the weeks following his accident, Mr O’s family grew increasingly worried about him. They had suspicions that he may have suffered a head injury, as he seemed slightly vacant.

Luckily this went away as he began to recover, but it did contribute towards an increasingly stressful time for his family.

He had to take several weeks away from his work as a civil servant, as he recovered from his injuries.

How Mulderrigs Were Able to Help

We agreed to take on his claim against the careless motorist and we agreed to act on no win no fee terms.

We choose to work with no win no fee because in our eyes it’s essential for accident victims to have the option to investigate even the most difficult case, without the risk receiving a big bill at the end of it.

The insurers for the motorist admitted liability for the accident shortly after. We then obtained expert evidence about Mr O’s injuries, to assure the correct amount of compensation would be given.

When we presented the evidence to the insurers we were able to help Mr O negotiate a settlement of £40,000.

Personal injury solicitor, Paul Mulderrig commented –

“This was a memorable case for me for many reasons. I was at school with Mr O from primary school. I also rode the exact same route he used to. I even saw him on the night of his accident, just before it took place. It could have very easily been me in the position Mr O found himself in. I believe this was a fair settlement in the case of a nasty and limiting injury, which could have very easily been much more serious”

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