Construction Worker Left with Permanent Scars After Workplace Accident Successfully Secures Damages


Mr M approached Mulderrigs’ specialist solicitors to assist him in gaining compensation following an accident whilst working on a construction project, in which he suffered a nasty laceration to his neck.


Mr M had just started a new job on a construction site one week prior to the incident taking place. Because of his short employment, he had not received the correct training to work with certain machinery and tools.

Mr M’s employer had also failed to provide him with any personal protective equipment (PPE) which is vital in this line of work.

Mr M was told to remove pieces of old welding from a large piece of metal using an angle grinder.

As he was removing the welds, a piece of metal flew towards him causing a nasty deep wound to his neck.

The incident was extremely distressing for both Mr M and those around him at the time.

He was rushed to hospital, where the wound was cleaned up and stitched.

How Mulderrigs Were Able to Help

We met the client at home to get instructions and sent a detailed letter of claim to his employers.

We alleged that they had been negligent in failing to provide proper safety equipment and fortunately their insurers admitted liability quickly.

We obtained expert medical evidence from a plastic surgeon about the scarring, to consider whether the cost of reconstructive cosmetic surgery was necessary.

The surgeon found that the scarring would be permeant and unfortunately Mr M would not benefit from any corrective surgery.

A report was also required from a psychologist as our client understandably suffered trauma after the distressing incident and was also socially embarrassed by the scarring which was very noticeable.

The construction company admitted liability and following negotiations offered Mr M a sum of £24,000 for his injuries. Mr M was happy to accept this.

Personal injury solicitor, Jo Smith commented –

“Mr M was worried about making a claim against his employers but we were able to guide him through the process and provide reassurance.”

There are many health and safety regulations in place in the UK to protect employees at work. If you have been involved in an accident at work and believe it was due to the negligence of your employer, get in touch with us today for a quick, no obligation assessment of your injury. Either call 0800 0523 693, or contact us by email.