Client Wins £200,000 Following Accident Which Lost Them A-List Opportunity


Mr A’s mother instructed personal injury solicitor Paul Mulderrig, to gain compensation for her son who was injured and in hospital, following a drugged driver incident.

Mr A’s family lived local to Lancashire, so knew of Mulderrigs’ reputation.


Mr A had graduated from university not too long before his accident

Following his graduation, Mr A set up a start-up business which gained interest from many investors.

As well as this he was working in the creative industry and had even been commissioned by a world-famous artist.

One day Mr A was sat outside a coffee shop when a driver under the influence of drugs, lost control of their car, driving onto the pavement and unfortunately colliding with Mr A.

Mr A suffered very nasty injuries to his lower legs, which caused him to spend a lengthy amount of time away from work. His business was badly affected by his absence, so eventually he left the company.

Following his accident, Mr A missed out on countless jobs, including the A-list commission. His life had completely changed trajectory.

How Mulderrigs Were Able to Help

The drugged driver was convicted of several offences after the accident and eventually sent to prison.  Their insurers had no option other than to admit liability for the accident.

We had to obtain extensive expert medical evidence about Mr A’s injuries, and detailed accountancy evidence about the impact on his business interests.

We had to bring court proceedings on his behalf to force the insurers to negotiate sensibly, as they refused to recognise the massive losses Mr A had sustained within his career.

As the trial date was approaching they agreed to pay Mr A over £200,000 in settlement of his claim.

Following his settlement, Mr A received another high-profile job commission, which prior to his accident he would not have had the funds to fulfil.

Mr A used his settlement money to fund this work, which later led to more job opportunities and allowed him to reinvent his career.

Paul Mulderrig commented –

“This is one of the most interesting cases I’ve ever been involved with. Mr A is a bright young man with an exciting future. It was a pleasure to help and to see him reinvent his career with his settlement money.”

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