Client Wins £100,000 in Compensation After Slipping on Ice from a Leaky Pipe


Mr H directly instructed us to take on his personal injury claim, as he was a local man and knew of our reputation.


It was a very cold morning in the middle of winter. Mr H was making his way to the bus stop on his way to work, as he did most mornings.

He began to walk down a very steep hill when suddenly, both his feet shot from underneath him and he was sent plummeting to the ground. He had slipped on ice, which he hadn’t seen due to being partially sighted.

Mr H was unable to walk and was in excruciating pain, so an ambulance was called by passers by and he was rushed to the hospital.

At the hospital it was found that Mr H had ruptured the quadriceps in both his legs and required surgery, so was in for a long recovery.

He spent a month in hospital recovering from surgery. When he was able to go home he had to live downstairs for several months and required a team of carers to look after him.

How Mulderrigs Were Able to Help

At the scene of the accident it was found that our client had slipped on ice which was caused by a leaky pipe, coming out of an empty shop unit. As soon as we discovered this, we knew Mr H had a potential successful claim.

We agreed to take on the case against the shop owner on a no-win no-fee basis. We felt very strongly about getting Mr H the justice he deserved as he was left disabled due to the accident.

It was initially difficult to get the case off the ground because the shop was closed down and empty. Because of this, there was some doubt regarding ownership, which meant that for a long time it looked as if the shop unit was not insured.

Eventually, we were able to trace both the legal owners and the insurers of the shop, during the time of the accident.

To our amazement, they denied any responsibility for the accident and claimed that the pipe which leaked came from another building and was not attached to theirs.

We carried out an investigation which proved that the pipe only led to the shop in question and nowhere else.

They still refused to admit liability.

Following this we gathered the necessary expert medical evidence, as well as evidence of Mr H’s financial losses and commenced court action.

As the trial date approached, the shop’s insurers agreed to negotiate a settlement with us, this led to us settling his case for £100,000, which covered his injury, past and future care, and his loss of earnings.

Our client was approaching retirement age, so he was delighted with the settlement, which would help repair the financial heartache he suffered from his loss of earnings. He expressed how happy he was with us for sticking with his case.

Paul Mulderrig commented –

“I was delighted to get this case to a settlement in the end. As there was such a long period with no insurer to claim liability, I have no doubt that other lawyers would have dropped this case. However, I felt very strongly about achieving justice for my client, who was left in a very bad state for several months due to his accident.”

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