Client Awarded £4,000 in Damages After Beauty Treatment Left Her With Chemical Burns


Mrs S approached Holly Barnes to take over her personal injury claim from another firm of solicitors.


Mrs S had been approached by a therapist at a local salon, where she was asked to be a model for an eyelash extension training day.

During training for beauty treatments like eyelash extensions, a supervisor must be present. Working with sharp objects like tweezers and chemicals such as eyelash glue, can be very dangerous when it is being applied so close to the eye.

The treatment was applied by a therapist, seemingly under the supervision of a trained and experienced beauty therapist at the salon.

After the treatment our client began experiencing severe irritation, pain and blurred vision. Upon informing the salon of her symptoms, she was provided with eyelash remover and was advised to remove the lashes herself.

Mrs S attended the hospital with her painful symptoms. Soon after, extensive soaking of her eyes took place to reduce the PH levels.

Mrs S was diagnosed with chemical burns in her eyes as a result of the trainee therapist applying her eyelash extensions negligently. It was later found that the eyelash remover which had been provided was two weeks out of date.

Following her diagnosis, Mrs S had to take two weeks off work due to her lack of vision. During this time her husband acted as her part-time carer whilst also working full time. He took care of any household chores, including cooking, and applied her medical drops when she was unable to.

How We Were Able to Help

The deadline to issue court proceedings is three years from the date of the incident and Mrs S’ case was fast approaching that deadline when she instructed Farleys.

Holly reviewed the case on an urgent bases and agreed to take the matter on. Court proceedings were swiftly issued.

Liability was initially denied in full, but later the defendant offered £2,000. We advised our client that offer was too low.

We valued the injury at a higher bracket than the Defendant due to how long Mrs S’s injuries lasted and the fact that she experienced blurred vision.

We were able to secure a settlement of £4000.00 which Mrs S was very happy with.

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