A call for action from the FA on player-to-player insurance cover for injured football players

The FA have recently launched Respect FC their high profile campaign to improve behaviour at all levels in the game.

We applaud the FA for their efforts to improve the standards of behaviour in the game,

But we are amazed that the FA could launch a campaign of this kind when they have still completely failed to protect injured players against the most serious incidents caused by some of the idiots in the game.

We have been representing injured footballers for over fifteen years and we are very familiar with the misery, distress and financial heartache suffered by players when serious injuries have been caused by reckless challenges.

The tragedy is that many injured players should receive tens of thousands of pounds for their injuries, but they receive nothing because the FA have failed to arrange adequate insurance.

We currently represent Simon Saddler (that’s his real name) who suffered terrible injuries as a result of a foul challenge during a game near Swansea. The injuries were so serious that Simon is currently awaiting a seventh operation. The FA of Wales did not have adequate player-to-player insurance in place to cover the incident in which Simon was injured, so he now faces a dreadful battle to get any compensation. We have written to the FA of Wales this week asking them to explain why they have allowed this scandalous situation to develop in relation to insurance.

Although Simon’s case comes under the Welsh FA, the same scandalous insurance problems also exist in most counties in England, and we currently represent around 10 English lads who find themselves in a very similar position to Simon.

We first alerted the FA to this problem five years ago!

And we once again urge the FA in England and the FA of Wales to take immediate steps to introduce a nationwide scheme of public liability insurance for all amateur players, which includes cover for negligent or reckless player-to-player challenges.

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