Like ’em or loathe ’em, there’s no disputing that the Salford Redsox have been pretty succesful over the last twenty years, and their fans have tended to enjoy their trips (from Surrey, Kent & Dublin) to the so-called “Theatre of Dreams”.

But one of our clients wasn’t quite so lucky. He was walking down from the stand towards the exit when he came across a large puddle completely blocking his exit. He had no option other than to walk through the puddle and ended up falling, and suffering a serious injury to his back.

The club have a legal duty to make sure that the stadium is safe for their supporters.

There was a clear breach of that duty in this case.

Although the insurers for the club admitted responsibility for the accident, they wanted to reduce any settlement on the basis that our client was  drunk and because he had been running – neither of which were true!

We have dealt with hundreds of successful Occupiers’ Liability claims.

So we took on the claim against the club’s insurers on “no win no fee” terms, and pursued the case through the courts in order to prove that our client was entirely blameless.

The case was approaching trial last month when the insurers finally caved in and agreed to pay our client over £16,000.00 in compensation for his injuries.

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