Jenny Walsh from Croydon was knocked down whilst crossing the road.

She was on her way to the Tube station near her home and crossing the road at a pelican crossing. The lights were displaying the green man when she set off but as she made her way across the road the lights changed.

One of the cars which had stopped at the crossing then began to move off whilst Jenny was still in the road and she was knocked down.

She was very shaken up and had pains in her knee. The staff from the  Tube station kindly took her into the office to wait for the paramedics to arrive.

The injury to her knee turned out to be soft tissue damage – nothing was broken. But she needed some unpleasant steroid injections to help with her recovery.

The insurers for the car driver initially tried to suggest that Jenny was partly to blame, but we didn’t entertain any of that nonsense!

We obtained the evidence of an orthopaedic expert and then disclosed the report and details of Jenny’s losses to the insurance company.

We recently settled Jenny’s claim for £7500

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