Jenny Grady from Essex went to her local salon for her hair to be dyed red.

Because her hair was already dyed a dark brown, a bleach bath had to be applied to strip it before the new colour could be applied.

The  stylist carelessly left the bleach bath in place for far too long, and our client was in distress with pain from her scalp even before the new colour was applied.

Within a few days the red dye washed out, leaving her hair a bright ginger colour. Her hair also became very dry and matted.

Her hair started to snap off and remained very frazzled and unmanageable.

Insurers for the stylist denied doing anything wrong, but we obtained expert evidence from a trichologist (a hair specialist) confirming that the stylist had over processed the hair, left the bleach on for too long and used a bleach that was far too strong.

The expert said that it would take over 4 years for Jenny’s hair to return to original length and condition.

We brought court proceedings against the negligent hairdresser and recently helped her reach a settlement of £5100.

(The name of our client mentioned in this newsletter has been changed).