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    Conveyancing Negligence


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    Conveyancing Negligence


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    Conveyancing Negligence is one of the biggest causes of Solicitors Negligence claims.

    Your conveyancing solicitor  has a duty of care when representing you.

    The solicitor must conduct your conveyancing with an appropriate level of professional skill.

    If the solicitor’s negligence has caused you a substantial loss you may have grounds for a claim.

    Unfortunate Buyers

    A solicitor’s failure to check title deeds properly is the biggest cause of conveyancing negligence, house buyers tend to be the biggest victims of negligent conveyancing.

    The solicitor’s negligence often doesn’t  come to light for many years and clients often discover problems when they come to sell their property home, the lawyers for a prospective buyer  are often the people who discover a problem with the title, for example, the garden or driveway of a property may have been excluded from the title deeds because of an error.

    In other cases there are problems with rights of way, or rights to services such as water, electric or sewers, clients sometimes discover that planning permission wasn’t obtained by a previous owner for extensions to their property, other clients have discovered that there are plans to build nearby roads or industrial buildings which reduces the value of their home.

    What Is The Value Of A Conveyancing Negligence Claim?

    The court will normally consider the reduction in the value of a property as a starting point in the valuation of a conveyancing negligence claim, a surveyor or valuer will usually provide expert evidence to support this part of the claim.

    The court rarely awards any compensation for stress or inconvenience in these cases, that may  may seem a little unfair, but unfortunately those are the rules!

    Advice About Conveyancing Negligence

    Our expert lawyers have an excellent track record in conveyancing negligence claims, we have summarised some of our successful cases here but in difficult cases like this there is no substitute for having a detailed chat.

    Please contact us now, our initial advice is always free, and above all we are here to help.

    Negligent Conveyancing Claim Case Studies