We hope that you won’t have to go to court in order to sort out your case.

Way back in 1999 the Lord Chancellor introduced Civil Procedure Rules designed to help people sort out their cases without court proceedings.

These rules are supported by a series of protocols for personal injury claims, professional negligence claims, and other cases, and the protocols encourage people to regard court action as a “last resort”.

At Mulderrigs we are experts in using those rulse to win and we succesfully conclude a large number of our clients’ cases without the need for court action.

Even when court action becomes necessary we estimate that 95% of our clients are able to settle their cases without going as far as stepping into a court room.

Of course, we can’t always settle cases without a fight.

If you’d like some free advice please contact us.

And, of course, in the event that your case does have to go all the way to court you don’t need to worry….. you’ll be in very safe hands!