It is difficult to give an exact estimate about how long a particular case will take until we have some details, but we can give some helpful guidelines.

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All injury cases are initially governed by a set of rules called the Pre-Action Protocol for Personal Injury Claims (let’s just call it the protocol!)

In some very straightforward cases, an admission of liability can be obtained within a few days.

If a very quick admission isn’t made, your solicitor should be able to use the protocol to find out whether your opponent accepts liability for the accident within four months of starting your case.

Court proceedings are sometimes necessary in order to sort out who was to blame for the accident, or to sort out the amount of compensation, and sometimes both.

Straightforward cases can normally reach a trial or a settlement within twelve months of the court action being started.

Complex cases can take much longer, but the timetable is monitored very strictly by the Judge, so that the case reaches a settlement or a trial as soon as possible.

Our team at Mulderrigs have years of experience in complex cases, from the most minor to the most serious, and we are always very focused on getting our clients’ cases settled as soon as possible.

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