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    Mulderrigs have over 25 years’ experience in fall from height claims. Falls from scaffolding, ladders, roofs and platforms are responsible for some of the most serious workplace accidents. These cases are also the biggest cause of fatal workplace accidents.

    Working at Height Regulations

    The Work at Height Regulations 2005 contain strict rules designed to protect your safety. Most of our “fall from height” cases involve employers who failed to meet these straightforward legal duties.

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    We have recovered millions of pounds in compensation in falls from height claims and you can read lots more accident at work case studies here.

    So if you have been injured in a “fall from height” accident you may be entitled to claim compensation. Our initial advice is always completely free.

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    Under the The Work at Height Regulations 2005 your employer is obliged to:

    • Consider every aspect of your work and avoid the need for work at height wherever possible
    • Carry out a careful risk assessment for any work at height that can’t be avoided
    • Provide the most appropriate equipment to carry out any work at height
    • Provide suitable training to you and any colleagues involved in any work at height

    We have been involved “fall from height” claims in lots of situations:

    Falls from ladders
    Ladders are a seemingly straightforward piece of equipment, but they are often unsuitable for working at height and can be very dangerous if not used with great care.

    Falls from large machines
    Machine operators and maintenance workers are often asked to work at height in very dangerous conditions on large pieces of industrial plant and machinery.

    Falls from HGVs, trailers and loading bays
    Often have large exposed falls. Drivers and warehouse staff are often asked to work in very dangerous conditions.

    Falls from roofs
    Some workers are asked to work on high roofs where the edge is not properly guarded. Others are asked to work on roofs which are not designed to be walked on at all.

    Falls from scaffolding
    Constructing a scaffold tower is a skilled occupation but many workers are asked to build or dismantle scaffolds without any training and this is a frequent cause of accidents where workers fall from unguarded platforms, or where scaffolds collapse altogether.

    Falls whilst carrying equipment and materials
    Workers often fall whilst climbing ladders or scaffolds because they have been asked to carry tools or materials whilst climbing.