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    If you have been injured as a result of a fall at work you may have grounds make a fall at work claim.

    You don’t have to be working in a dangerous industry to be badly injured in fall at work - You could be injured by slipping on a wet surface in a corridor, or tripping over a trailing computer cable in the office.

    We have dealt with hundreds of successful fall at work claims.

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    The Law On Claiming For A Fall At Work

    Your employer has a legal duty to take care for your safety, there are strict regulations about taking steps to reduce the risk of falls at work.

    Under these regulations anywhere that you might walk is referred to as a “traffic route”, all traffic routes must be constructed from suitable materials and all traffic routes should be kept free from obstacles and hazards.

    We have won lots of cases for clients who tripped over obstacles in a traffic route, these have included falls over electrical wires, extension cables, discarded tools and empty boxes.

    Fall At Work Claim – Snow And Ice

    Your employer should have a reasonable system for clearing snow and ice during the winter, they should clear any car parks, paths or other outside areas where you might need to walk in order to do your work and they should also clear the paths you need to use to get into and out of your workplace.

    Of course, there are some occasions when the weather is so cold or snowy that it becomes impossible to keep the car parks safe, so these cases can be difficult to prove but they are always worth investigating, if you have been injured in an accident like this please just get in touch.

    Fall At Work Claim – Safety Footwear

    Some jobs involve working in areas with a high risk of slips and falls and in those situations there are regulations ( The Personal Protective Equipment Regulations 1992) which say your employer should provide you with suitable safety footwear.

    These regulations are particularly important for people such as drivers, kitchen workers, factory workers and construction site workers, so if you have been injured in a fall which could have been prevented by proper safety footwear we may be able to help.

    Fall At Work Claim – Ladders & Scaffolding

    Accidents involving “falls from heights” cause some of the most serious work place accidents, if you have to work from ladders, scaffolding or a working platform you employer should abide by some very strict regulations.

    We have a separate page dedicated to “fall from height” claims.

    Case Studies Involving Falls at Work