Cycling Accident London


0808 304 6807

Cycling Accident London


0808 304 6807

In a collision between a cyclist and a fast moving vehicle there is usually only one winner, especially on the busy roads of London.

Mulderrigs have been handling cycling accident claims in London for over 30 years – We have recovered millions of pounds in compensation.

If you have been injured by a careless driver call us today.

Our initial advice is always free, and we always act on “no win no fee” terms.

Call us on 0808 304 6807 to discuss how we can help.

London Cycling Accident Case Studies

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What Can Be Claimed For A Cycling Accident In London?

If you have been involved in a cycling accident in London that wasn’t your fault we will be able to help you claim compensation for your injuries.

We will also be able to arrange for any necessary medical treatment to be carried out privately.

If you have incurred any loss of earnings or out of pocket expenses we will be able to recover these for you.

We will also help recover the cost of repairing or replacing your bike.

Choose Mulderrigs For Your London Cycling Accident Claim

Our MD Paul Mulderrig is a very keen cyclist himself.

We have represented lots of injured cyclists from aLondon and around the country.

Our expert solicitors have an excellent track record in recovering compensation for injured cyclists.

You can  read about some of our successful  London cycling claims here. But in cycling accident claims there is no substitute for having a chat.

Our initial advice is always free and we are always happy to act on “no win no fee” terms.

And we will be happy to see you at our Covent Garden offices.

Frequently Asked Questions

The law governing cycling accident claims is very straight forward – All road users have a legal duty to take care for the safety of other road users.

So if you are involved in a cycling accident caused by a careless driver you may be able to claim compensation.

Try to get hold of the names and addresses of any witnesses, and the name and collar number of any police officers who came to the scene.

Take pictures of the damage to your bike, your clothing and any bruising or other injuries.

Start gathering the documents we will need in order to prove your losses – purchase receipts and/or repair estimates for your bike, receipts for damaged clothes and so on.

Don’t discuss the case with the insurers for the other driver!

It’s now  common for insurers to make contact with accident victims in an effort to “buy off” claims for far less than their true value.

And get in touch with Mulderrigs for some free initial advice – 0800 0523693

Most cycling accident claims are now settled in less 12 months from the date of the first call.

In substantial claims (worth £25,000 or more) the case can go on for longer, because we may need to wait for medical evidence, and it may be necessary to bring court proceedings.

But, even then it would be unusual for your case to go on much beyond 18 months.

The vast majority of our cycling injury claims are now settled without court proceedings.

There are a couple of situations where you may think you can’t make a claim:-

If you are the victim of a “hit & run” accident, where the responsible driver has left the scene and can’t be found.

Or if you do know the identity of the responsible driver, but also know that they are uninsured.

In either of those cases we may still be able to help you claim compensation via the Motor Insurers’ Bureau (MIB)

The MIB deals with compensation claims for the victims of uninsured drivers.

It’s fair to say that claims to the MIB can be difficult.

But, nonetheless it may enable you to claim compensation in what would otherwise have been a hopeless situation.

If you have been the victim of an uninsured driver or a “hit & run” accident, please just get in touch.

We’ll be happy to give you some free initial advice.

We will be able to tell you very quickly, and free of charge, whether or not your case is worth pursuing.

The Claims Portal

The government is determined to reduce the cost of compensation claims.

With that in mind all cases with a value of £25,000 or less now have to be submitted to insurers through an online Claims Portal.

By and large, this system has worked well in terms of speeding up the process.

Only difficult or substantial cases are dealt with outside the portal, and we will quickly be able to assess whether yours is one of those.

The Personal Injury Protocol

Even if your case is dealt with outside the portal, all parties (us and the insurers for the other driver) have to abide by the rules of a pre-action protocol, which encourages the parties to settle the claim without ever getting involved in court proceedings.

The vast majority of our cycling accident claims are now settled without court proceedings

And even when proceedings are necessary most cases are settled long before a trial.

When cases do go to trial the experience of giving evidence is rarely as difficult as people imagine.

We have previously published some very straightforward pointers about giving evidence at court.

The amount of compensation for injuries suffered in cycling accidents depends on the extent of the injury and the level of financial losses.

The classic injury in these cases involves a soft-tissue injuries to the face, neck, back or limbs.

But of course, there can be lots of other injuries arising from a bicycle accident.

We will gather all the necessary expert medical evidence, and documentary evidence of any financial losses.

We will then discuss the value of your case with you before any settlement negotiations take place with insurers.

Our most recent cycling accident settlements range from £4,000 to £60,000

If you ask us to deal with your cycling accident claim we will discuss the fee arrangements carefully with you.

“No win no fee” is usually the best option for our clients.

There are no “upfront” fees, no hidden charges, and we will never leave you out of pocket.

Most importantly, if you lose the case you pay nothing at all.

We have never had a complaint from a client in relation to fees.

Even if you think that you were partly to blame you may still be able to claim compensation.

A claim for compensation isn’t like a criminal case, where there are really only two possible outcomes – “guilty” or “not guilty”.

In a compensation claim, responsibility for the accident can be split between the parties in whatever proportion the court considers reasonable.

Of course we try to win our clients’ cases on a 100% basis

“No helmet?”

The law doesn’t currently require cyclists to wear helmets.

But if the court is satisfied that your injury would have been less serious if you’d been wearing a helmet the amount of compensation can be reduced.

The normal reduction for failure to wear a helmet is 25% or so.

But it’s up to the insurance company to prove the outcome would have been less serious.

Not wearing a helmet doesn’t make a jot of difference if the injury is a broken arm!

We understand the dramatic impact of an injury from a cycling accident.

Our MD is a keen cyclist, so he has his own stock of “war stories” and we have acted for lots of injured cyclists.

Our team have been dealing with cycling injury claims for over twenty five years.

We have dealt with cases from the most trivial injuries to the most serious.

Our solicitors promise to speak to you in plain English.

We’ will come to see you at a time and place that’s convenient for you.

The Law Society has awarded us its LEXCEL quality mark every year since 2002.

99% of our clients describe our service as good or excellent!