Whiplash Claim London – £33000 Settlement

Jenna Brierley is a self-employed photographer from London.

She suffered a nasty whiplash injury to her neck and back when the taxi she was travelling in drove into a parked car.

Jenna was living in Switzerland at the time but her accident happened while she was in the UK visiting family.

The injury was aggravated because she was four months pregnant at the time.

Because of the back pain from her injuries she was in she was unable to carry on working as long as she had planned.

As a result  she lost substantial earnings.

Joanne Smith took on the case and agreed to act on no win no fee terms.

The insurers admitted liability very quickly.

We obtained details of her lot of earnings which was slightly complicated because she receives lots of foreign payments.

An independent medical expert also provided a report with full details of her injuries.

The insurers then agreed to negotiate with us and we settled Jenna’s case for £33,000.