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£140000 Settlement For Injured Warehouse worker.

Adela Hoyer is a Hungarian lady who came to live and work in the UK.

She was involved in a serious accident at work whilst working at a warehouse in London.

Adela was pushing a trolley along an aisle in the warehouse, but someone had left a box sticking out into the aisle.

She couldn’t see the obstacle because her trolley was piled high with stock.

When the trolley hit the box it bounced back and hit Adela’s leg.

The accident causing several serious fractures of her leg.

The Law On Accidents At Work

All employers have a legal duty to take care for their workers.

And they are legally responsible when the carelessness of one employee causes an accident that injures another.

And that’s exactly what had happened here.

So when Adela contacted us via the web we were happy to take on her case.

And we agreed to act on “no win no fee” terms.

We sent a Letter of Claim to the warehouse company and their insurers quickly admitted liability.

We then arranged to obtain expert evidence about Adela’s injuries.

Adela’s financial losses were substantial because her ability to work was badly affected by her injuries.

Court proceedings were issued and the insurers then agreed to enter into settlement negotiations.

We recently helped Adela settle her claim for £140,000.

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