A Tripping Accident Claim Against The Council – £6000 Settlement

Keith Lester asked us to deal with his tripping accident claim against the council.

He was walking near to his house with his girlfriend when he tripped over a kerbstone.

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The Law On Claiming For A Tripping Accident

The council has a legal duty to maintain the pavements in their area.

If they failed to meet that duty you may have grounds for making a claim.

But they only have a duty to be reasonable, not perfect.

It is necessary for the dangerous pavement to stick up by an inch or more.

And the council won’t be held responsible if they have a reasonable system of inspection and maintenance.

So claiming compensation against the council for a tripping accident can be difficult.

And it is essential to choose a solicitor who is experienced in claims against the council.

Keith’s Tripping Accident Claim

We were satisfied that Keith had very good grounds for bringing a claim.

The  damaged kerb was raised by several inches.

And it looked like the damage had been caused over a long period by heavy wagons parking on the pavement.

So we were happy to take on Keith’s claim and we agreed to act on “no win no fee” terms.

We sent a detailed Letter of Claim to the council.

Councils are usually keen to fight these cases.

But in Keith’s case they quickly admitted liability for the accident.

Keith suffered an injury to his knee as a result of the accident and couldn’t walk properly.

The doctor told Keith he had suffered ligament damage and would need physiotherapy treatment and rest.

Keith works as a mechanic and had to go on light duties for several weeks.

A medical expert prepared a detailed report in support of the claim.

And  once that evidence was disclosed the council agreed to negotiate with us.

We then helped Keith settle his claim for £6000.

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