Fatal Accident – A Tragic Scouting Trip

Mulderrigs advised in the case of a claim for a fatal accident following a tragic accident on a scouting trip.

A group of very young scouts had gone on a camping trip in Greater Manchester.

One morning one of the scout leaders took the scouts hiking in a ravine while the other leaders were preparing breakfast.

The young scouts were spread out in a line on a narrow path high on the edge of a ravine.

But there was only one scout leader with them, so the supervision was plainly inadequate.

Tragically, one of the young scouts lost his footing and fell into the ravine suffering fatal injuries.

Mulderrigs were able to assist the family with an investigation of the accident.

We also arranged for the family to be represented at the Inquest.

At the end of the Inquest the Coroner was very concerned about the organisation of the trip.

He called on the national scout association to carefully review their arrangements  for the safety of young scouts on potentially dangerous trips.

We  helped the family recover compensation following the accident.

But the compensation was very much a secondary concern.

It was far more important that we were able to help them find out how this tragic accident had happened.