Supermarket Slipping Claim – £27500 Settlement

Jean Benson asked us to deal with her supermarket slipping claim.

She was walking in the fruit and veg aisle of her local Tesco when she suddenly slipped and fell to the floor.

As a result of the fall Jean was badly injured, suffering a fractured hip for which she had to undergo surgery.

She also hurt her knee and her shoulder.

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The Law On Making A Supermarket Slip Claim

Supermarkets have a legal duty to take care for the safety of  shoppers.

They should have an effective system of checking for and then clearing away any spillages.

And fruit & veg areas in supermarkets are notoriously hazardous parts of any supermarket because of the high risk of soft fruit being knocked onto the floor.

In Jean’s case we were satisfied that the supermarket hadn’t been operating a safe system of inspection.

So we agreed to take on her case and agreed to act on “no win no fee” terms.

We sent a detailed letter of claim to the supermarket but their insurers denied any responsibility for the accident.

So we brought court proceedings on Jean’s behalf and at that point the insurers admitted responsibility for the accident.

We obtained a detailed report from a medical expert and details of Jean’s other financial losses.

When we presented this evidence to the insurers they agreed to enter into negotiations.

We then helped Jean settle her claim for £27500.

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