Supermarket Slip Claim – £28500 Settlement

Patrick Greenwood from North Wales asked us to deal with his supermarket slip claim following a serious accident.

He was shopping in Tesco with is wife when the accident happened.

Patrick was walking through the fruit & veg section when he suddenly slipped and fell to the floor.

It was immediately clear that Patrick was badly injured.

And it was also clear that the accident was caused by something slippery on the floor, probably some spilt fruit.

The Law On Making A Supermarket Slip Claim

Supermarkets have a legal duty to take care for the safety of  shoppers.

Fruit & veg areas in supermarkets are notoriously hazardous because of the high risk of soft fruit being knocked onto the floor.

So the supermarket should have a very effective system of inspecting for spillages.

In Patrick’s case we were sure that the supermarket were in breach of their duty.

So we agreed to deal with his case on “no win no fee” terms.

We sent a detailed Letter of Claim to the supermarket and their insurers admitted liability for the accident.

It emerged that Patrick had suffered a fracture of his right femur.

And he had to undergo surgery to correct the fracture.

We obtained a specialist medical report in relation to Patrick’s injury.

The insurers agreed to negotiate with us once we disclosed the medical evidence.

And Patrick accepted a settlement offer of £28500.

(The valuation of Patrick’s claim has been updated to reflect inflation).

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