Supermarket Lifting Injury – £8500 Win At Trial

Mr Sanderson instructed  Diane Hamilton at Mulderrigs in connection with his supermarket lifting injury.

He was employed as a night store replenisher at Asda in Rawtenstall.

One evening he was sent to replenish the pet food aisle with 17kg sacks of dried dog food.

The shelves were very cramped.

As a result, Mr Sanderson had to kneel on the floor while lifting the heavy sacks.

He injured his back whilst trying to lift one of the sacks off the trolley onto the shelves.

all employers have a legal duty to take care for their employees.

In cases involving lifting or “manual handling” the employer should avoid the lifting altogether, or take all reasonable steps to minimise the risks involved.

The breach of duty in this case appeared quite clear.

So Diane Hamilton agreed to take on Mr Sanderson’s case and agreed to act on “no win no fee” terms.

Asda denied liability on the basis he had received proper training.

So we commenced court proceedings.

We interviewed all the witnesses and obtained all the relevant documents such as training records and risk assessments.

The lawyers for Asda maintained their denial of liability all the way through the case.

But on the day of the trial they finally agreed to negotiate.

This resulted in Mr Sanderson settling his case for £8,500.