Claim Against Solicitor For Probate Delay

Mr Ling made a successful solicitors negligence claim following a mishandled probate case.

The case arose at around the time of the “credit crunch” in 2007.

Mr Ling and his family solicitor were the executor of a relative’s estate.

The estate included a valuable portfolio of shares but the value of the shares was falling sharply.

Mr Ling instructed the solicitor to sell the shares immediately in order to avoid any further losses.

But the negligent solicitor ignored this instructions for several weeks.

The solicitor’s delay caused a loss to the estate of around £20,000.

A solicitor acting in probate matters has a clear duty to act promptly on instructions.

So it was clear to us that this was a clear case of solicitors negligence.

Mulderrigs agreed to take on Mr Ling’s claim and agreed to act on “no win no fee” terms.

We delivered a detailed Letter of Claim under the terms of the Pre-Action Protocol For Professional Negligence Claims.

This led to the negligent solicitor quickly admitting his error.

We presented evidence to prove our client’s losses.

Mr Ling then accepted a settlement offer of £20,000.