Solicitors Negligence In Personal Injury Claim – 240K Settlement

Martin Yates instructed Paul Mulderrig in  a solicitors negligence claim.

His case arose out of a badly handled personal injury case.

Martin was working as a crane driver at a dockyard when he was involved in a very serious accident.

He was driving a mobile crane which was designed to move containers around the docks.

But his crane toppled over and he was very badly injured.

Martin consulted a local law firm to claim compensation for his injuries.

The solicitor told Martin he had a very good case and could expect a substantial settlement.

But the solicitor then failed to do anything with the case for three years.

Crucial deadlines were missed and Martin lost the right to pursue his case.

All solicitors have a duty to conduct their clients’ cases with reasonable level of skill.

And missing a “limitation date” is regarded as a basic error.

So we agreed to represent Martin in a claim against the solicitor.

We sent a detailed Letter of Claim to the solicitor.

But the insurers for the solicitor denied any responsibility.

So we issued court proceedings on behalf of our client.

Medical experts prepared reports about the injuries, and we obtained details of the loss of earnings.

Of course, the negligent solicitor should have done all this during the original claim.

We then prepare the case for a trial.

The insurers for the solicitor agreed to negotiate with us as the trial was approaching.

Martin then accepted a settlement offer of £240,000.