Solicitors Negligence In Conveyancing

Mr & Mrs Bayliss made a successful claim following a solicitors negligence in conveyancing.

They bought an old cottage in a small hamlet in Greater Manchester back in 2000.

Their solicitor said that the title deeds included a yard to the side of the property and another one at the back.

But when they came to sell the property in 2010 it turned out that they didn’t own the yard after all.

And by this time they had built extensions on both pieces of ground!

We have dealt with lots of conveyancing negligence claims over the last 25 years.

So we agreed to take on the claim against the solicitor and we agreed to act on “no win no fee” terms.

We persuaded the Land Registry to grant our client’s ownership of the ground where the extensions stood.

But they still didn’t own the remainder of the two yards.

We then sent a detailed Letter of Claim to the negligent solicitors under the terms of the Pre-Action Protocol.

This protocol encourages both sides to cooperate, put their cards on the table and settle the dispute without court proceedings if possible.

But in this case the solicitor denied any negligence.

So we brought court proceedings for our clients.

The insurers for the negligent solicitors agreed to negotiate with us as the case approached trial.

Our clients then accepted an offer of £25,000 in settlement of their claim.