Claim For A Fall At Work – A Slippery Floor  – £13500 Settlement

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Dave Allerton from Cumbria asked us to deal with his Claim For A Fall At Work On A Slippery Floor.

He works as a HIAB driver for a large construction company.

Dave had been complaining to his boss for months about oil dripping onto the floor of the platform where he stood.

But his boss didn’t do anything to get it repaired.

Inevitably Dave ended up having an accident.

He slipped and suffered serious injuries to his left arm and elbow.

We have been dealing with similar cases for over 25 years.

Employers have a legal duty to keep traffic routes (i.e anywhere you might walk at work) free from hazards.

We were satisfied that employer had clearly been negligent and in breach of the regulations in this case.

So we took on the compensation claim and agreed to act on “no win no fee” terms.

The employers and their insurers quickly admitted responsibility for the accident.

We then gathered expert medical evidence and details of our client’s loss of earnings.

The insurers entered into negotiations once this evidence was presented.

Dave then accepted an offer of £13500 in settlement of his claim.

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