Hair Damage Claim – Overlapping – £3600 Settlement

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Chloe Watson instructed Mulderrigs in her hair damage claim after her hairdresser made an overlapping error.

She attended her local salon in Middlesex for the roots of her hair to be touched up with bleach.

She had been there many times before to have her roots done.

But on this occasion her regular hairdresser was away and she had to see another stylist.

Chloe told the new hairdresser she was worried that her hair had got a bit stubbly.

This should have raised an alarm with an experienced hairdresser because it suggested that Chloe’s hair was already damaged.

But the hairdresser  just carried on anyway and applied bleach to her roots.

Chloe’s scalp felt irritated whilst the bleach was on her head, but the  hairdresser jsut gave her a comb to scratch her itching scalp!

The hairdresser then washed, dried and styled Chloe’s hair.

Chloe’s hair initially looked okay.

But when she started washing her hair the following day it started snapping off.

The Law On Hair Damage Claims

Hairdressers have a duty to take care for the safety of their clients, especially when using hair bleach which can be extremely dangerous.

Any properly trained hairdresser should know that applying bleach to hair that has already been bleached before is very risky.

So when touching up newly grown roots a hairdresser should be very careful not to overlap the bleach onto hair that has already been bleached.

We have dealt with hundreds of claims against negligent hairdressers so we were happy to take Chloe’s case on “no win no fee” terms.

But even so the success of hair damage claims is always dependent on getting helpful evidence from a trichologist (a hair expert).

So we instructed a trichologist to look at Chloe’s hair and he was very critical of hairdresser’s conduct.

The expert confirmed  that Chloe’s hair had been damaged because the bleach had been overlapped.

He also estimated that it would take over 3 years to Chloe’s hair to grow back to normal.

The insurers for the hairdresser denied liability.

So we issued court proceedings on Chloe’s behalf and disclosed our helpful expert evidence.

The insurers then agreed to negotiate and Chloe accepted a settlement offer of £3600.

(We have changed the name of our client and used a stock image to protect her privacy).

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Jo Smith talks about hair damage claims on YouTube - mulderrigs solicitors

Jo Smith talks about hair damage claims on YouTube