Hair Damage Claim – Ombre Treatment – £4100 Settlement

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Briony Innes is a 20 year-old administrator from Lincolnshire and asked Mulderrigs to deal with her hair damage claim after an ombre treatment went wrong.

She already had dark purple dyed hair.

But she wanted to have an Ombre treatment with the ends of her hair being dip dyed grey.

She went to a local salon and they said they said they were confident an Ombre style could be achieved.

The hairdresser applied bleach to the ends of Briony’s hair and then wrapped up in cling film while it was processing.

But Briony’s hair started to steam and got very hot so the hairdresser washed the bleach out.

Briony’s hair had gone a ginger colour and Briony was very upset.

The hairdresser recommended that it be dyed back to the dark purple colour. Briony reluctantly agreed.

But after she left the salon Briony realised that there was a chunk of hair missing at the back.

Over the next few days her hair became dry and started snapping off.

She went back to the salon to complain. They agreed that her hair was damaged but claimed it wasn’t their fault.

The Law On Hair Damage Claims

All hairdressers have a legal duty to take care for the safety of their clients.

This is particularly important when trying to achieve an Ombre style because the bleach can cause enormous damage to the hair if not used properly.

We sent Briony to see a trichologist (a hair expert) who prepared a helpful report.

The trichologist said the hairdresser should have known from the start that an Ombre style couldn’t have been achieved without causing severe damage.

He also said that the use of cling film had caused the hair to become overprocessed because covering the hair speeds up the processing time.

The expert said it would take over 4 years for Briony’s hair to return to normal.

The salon denied liability even after we issued Court proceedings and disclosed the helpful report from the trichologist.

They claimed the hairdresser was experienced and had followed the proper guidelines.

But as the trial date approached they finally accepted Briony’s sensible offer to settle her claim for £4100.

(We have changed the name of our client and used a stock image to protect her privacy).

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Jo Smith talks about hair damage claims on YouTube

Jo Smith talks about hair damage claims on YouTube