Head Injury At Work – £100000 Settlement

Mr Hodgson from London suffered a head injury at work.

He stepped out of a lift  onto a floor which had just been cleaned and left in a dangerous and slippery state.

He slipped and suffered a heavy blow to the back of the head and orthopaedic injuries.

As a result of his injury he developed severe headaches, vertigo and also a change in his personality He became, irritable, agitated and depressed.

Mulderrigs took on the claim against the negligent cleaning contractors, and their insurers quickly admitted responsibility for the accident.

We then brought court proceedings on behalf of our client.

Our expert solicitors gathered evidence from a large number of experts, including: a neurologist, a neuro-psychologist, and audiological physician and an orthopaedic consultant.

The insurers for the cleaning company gathered similar evidence from their own experts, and they raised serious arguments about the extent of our client’s injuries.

We were always confident that our client’s medical experts were giving the right evidence, so we pressed on with the claim and  helped our client recover over £100,000 in compensation for his injuries.