Mrs Frantzen is an American lady who came to the UK to visit her old pen-friend in Bolton.

On the last day of her holiday she had a very nasty accident on an escalator in a shopping centre.

Another shopper had ignored warning signs not to take her pram onto the escalator and when she got to the end of it her pram got stuck.

Our client was close behind her and couldn’t avoid colliding with her and the pram.

They all fell in a heap and our client was left with a very serious hand injury.

When she got home to Florida our client had to meet large medical bills for her treatment.

Fortunately, she found our details on the web.

It was clear to us that the shopping centre should have done more to prevent people taking prams and trolleys onto the escalator, so we agreed to take on the claim.

Once we had gathered all the evidence we were able to claim more than £40,000 in compensation for Mrs Frantzen’s injuries and medical bills.