Medical Negligence During Surgery – £7500 for Botched Operation

Mr Naveed  from Oldham asked Joanne Smith at Mulderrigs to deal with a case involving medical negligence during surgery.

His doctors had discovered a fatty lump  which needed to be removed.

Unfortunately, the operation went badly wrong.

The surgeons failed to remove the fatty lump and Mr Naveed was left in serious pain.

Joanne took on the case and agreed to act on “no win no fee” terms.

All doctors and medical professionals have a legal duty of care towards their patients.

But in order to succeed, it is necessary to show that the treatment fell below the standard that any reasonable medical professional would have achieved.

So compensation claims for medical negligence can be very complex, and very difficult to prove.

We sent a detailed Letter of Claim to the health trust setting out details of  the alleged negligence.

But the trust denied any liability.

So we  brought court proceedings on behalf of Mr Naveed.

An independent expert delivered a report in support of the claim.

Mr Naveed also provided a very detailed statement about what had happened.

The trust then agreed to negotiate as the case was approaching trial.

As a result Mr Naveed  agreed a settlement of his claim for £7,500.