Bacup school worker recovers £40,000 for “manual handling accident”.

Shirley Bellamy asked Mulderrigs to deal with her manual handling accident.

She was involved in a serious accident at work whilst working as a teaching assistant at a school in Bacup.

Shirley was working working with a disabled pupil and had to push the young girl’s wheelchair around the school grounds.

In order to get from one part of the school to another Shirley had to push the wheelchair down a steep slope.

As she tried to negotiate the slope the wheelchair got out of control.

As a result Shirley ended up having a nasty fall and suffered a serious back injury.

The Employer’s Duty

All employers have a duty to take care for their employees.

But Shirley’s union solicitor had already told her she didn’t have a case and advised her to drop the claim.

So a friend put her in touch with us.

We didn’t agree with the union solicitor!

It was clear to us that there had been breaches of the Manual Handling Regulations.

Shirley should never have been asked to push the student down such a steep slope.

Better arrangements should have been made for moving the pupil around the school.

In addition to that, Shirley hadn’t been provided with any proper training.

So, once we set out details of the claim the employers quickly admitted liability for the accident.

We obtained expert medical evidence about our client’s serious back injury and details of her loss of earnings.

The local authority then agreed to negotiate, and we helped Shirley reach a settlement of £40,000 in compensation for her injuries.

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